The Guitar Dater Project aims to provide you with as much information as possible based on your Guitars' Serial number. To do this information is collected from several sources; books,websites,forums and knowledgeable contributors. With enough people contributing to the project we will be to find out what model guitars where made at which factories, approximate quality of factory craftsmanship and in the case of OEM's, who do they make guitars for.

The Guitardater Project cannot verify the authenticity of ANY Guitar, this site is simply meant as a tool to satisfy the curiosity of guitar enthusiasts. This website possesses NO DATABASE of guitars made by manufactures, instead simple serial code patterns that are available on this site and in the wider guitar community are used. It follows that potential scammers can use this knowledge to try to trick unsuspecting buyers. If you have any doubts as to a guitars’ authenticity please contact the guitar manufacturer before your purchase.